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My lucrative book deal

I know, I know I’ve said this before, I’m writing a book and you’re sick of hearing about it. I told my husband last month that I was writing a new book and he asked me what happened to the first one, basically it was too hard so I gave up. This one I’m inspired about, it puts my gyspy soul on fire and I’m writing it for ME. Anyway enough about the book, I really just want to tell you about this exciting opportunity that I received from a publisher! A real live publisher. Now I know the opportunity wasn’t specific to me because I just clicked on a google ad BUT in my defence that has worked out for me in the past (sort of) so I took it as a sign that the universe was trying to send me a message!

OK so I clicked on the ad that promised a free guidebook on how to publish your own book (Did I mention it was free?!) and entered my deets. I got a call a couple of days later from Balboa press, a division of Hayhouse publishing who publish spiritual, positive books. Right up my fucking alley. SO I’m talking to this lady, she’s loving my book, we’re vibing, she’s totally going to sign me up for a book deal, I can see millions of dollars in my bank account BUT then she asks what professional experience I have (uh oh) and how long I’ve been writing for (shit) and then her pitch changes. She gets more EXCITED! She loves that I haven’t been discoverd, that I’m ‘raw talent’ because does she have the deal for ME! For 30 days she can give me FREE access to the author centre which is made for newbies like me. I can get all sorts of advice from all kinds of important books people. Just cancel before the 30 days and you won’t need to pay $13.95 per month.

So obviously I knew this was a sales call (I’m not an idiot) so I start to distance myself from her…

ME: ‘I’m having a baby so I’m too busy.’ (how am I ever going to write a book)

LADY: ‘Well better do the 30 days free now before he arrives.’ (ooh she’s good)

ME: ‘I really want to think about this.’ (I’m panicking)

LADY: ‘Well don’t think too long because this offer is only for a limited time.’ (it isn’t)

ME: ‘Thank you, how do I get in contact with you?’ (She’s losing me)

LADY: ‘I will send you an email with all our details.’ (So long sucker)

Moral of the story? Stop clicking on google ads!

xx That Gypsy Mum xx


Interested in getting paid for online surveys?

OK so you know how I’m all about that side hustle? Well online surveys are my latest thing. Two weeks ago I saw a google ad claiming you can earn $500 a week from surveys. A normal person would think scam alert and move on but all I heard was DING! DING! DING! So I risked having my identity stolen, entered all my personal details and signed up to 16 different survey sites in one go. In two weeks I’ve managed to earn $60.78. I’m calling bullshit on the $500 a week unless you are a total survey machine that lies and doesn’t sleep. I have to be honest, most of them were a complete waste of time so to save you getting scam emails and texts (like I am), I’ve kindly reviewed them for you.

Ranked in order from highly recommend to don’t even bother my online survey recommendations are:

Survey Choice 

This is definitely number one on my list. They email you regular survey opportunities, tell you how much you can earn per survey and it’s been easy to qualify for them. In two weeks I’ve earnt $13.50 from various short surveys I’ve done while watching TV at night. The average survey is about 10-15 minutes and earns you about $1.15 each. If you don’t qualify for a survey or it times out then you still earn $0.10. Minimum redeemable reward value is $20 either straight into your bank account or through gift cards such as Woolworths, JB Hifi or Myer. Worth signing up for.

Valued Opinions

This was the first survey site I joined 9 years ago and would be my number one choice but I’m a little bitter after they banned me because some pesky satellites caught me trying to do surveys overseas. I logged in recently to discover I had a $6 credit so asked for the ban to be lifted and they agreed. I logged in today and had 5 survey opportunities which they hadn’t emailed to me. They used to email me constantly but the survey quotas filled up fast. I assume they are so popular now they don’t need to email you. I did an 8 minute survey today for $1 so it won’t take long to earn a reward. Rewards are paid by gift cards and minimum amount to redeem is $20.

Global Test Market

This has provided the most amount of survey opportunities but I probably only qualify for about 50% of them. They reward you in ‘lifestyle points’ which add up to earn you vouchers. A 10-15 minute survey earns you 100 lifestyle points and the minimum you can redeem is 1250 lifestyle points for a $10 giftcard. I was doing a big 40 minute survey for 500 lifestyle points yesterday and it timed out meaning I got nothing but some sweep entries into their monthly draw. Over the past two weeks I’ve earned 1410 lifestyle points (approx. $11.28) and 460 sweeps into their monthly draw. That shows just how many surveys I didn’t qualify for.

My opinions 

Another point system but easier to follow. You need 1000 points for $10 cash. I got 90 points from just doing profile (registration) surveys. I started to ignore these emails because I was getting so many from different sites but finally logged in today and qualified for one. You can get 220 points for 23 minutes. If you time out you still get 20 points and a competition entry. This is one I will start pursuing because you get about $1 for a 10 minute surveys which is up there with the sites mentioned above.

Toluna Surveys

This one also has a point system but it’s annoying. Basically you need 30000 points for a $10 reward. I think it’s 30 points for a 5 minute survey but I am confused with this points system. The only reason it rates at number 5 is because I am pretty sure this is the website that offered me $35 for a 4.5 hour survey. I did it and they said it would be credited to my account in 6 weeks time. Now I’m not even sure if it was Toluna so have to keep logging in to all the accounts until I figure it out. I have 1790 points from registration surveys and 4 other surveys. If that $35 survey doesn’t come through this is a time waster as my emails are constantly spammed but I hardly qualify for anything.

Panel Station

Another points one. You need 3000 points to start redeeming through paypal although I’m uncertain of what amount that yields. By completing my profile surveys I was able to earn 1520 points so already halfway there. There seems to be lots of survey opportunities available however I never qualify for them. It has a mobile app which sent me heaps of notifications but unfortunately it’s not user friendly on my device, I would give it a go on an ipad for sure. Points expire with this one, not sure how often. I might persist a little longer then give up.


Another points system. This one you need 42000 points for $50 paypal cash. They have an app that was sending me daily notifications (plus lots of emails for opportunities) but the app isn’t functional on my phone because my screen is too small. So far from registration and a couple of surveys I have 2450 points. I had an opportunity today to earn 2000 points ($2.40) for a 30 minute survey which just wasn’t worth it. Don’t bother.

You Gov

These seems like good and relevant surveys but you need 5000 points for $23.95 for paypal (it converts from a different currency) and I realised that valued opinions offers you surveys from them so you might as well complete all your surveys on there and save yourself logging into multiple sites. I have 150 points from registration and two surveys. Stick to Valued Opinons.


So this one you only need to earn $8.50 to cash out into your paypal and they also have an app but it isn’t user friendly on my phone. Unfortunately I’ve only received 2 emails and haven’t qualified for any surveys. I logged in to find 3 current survey opportunities but clicked on 2 and they said their quota was full, clicked on the other and it said I didn’t qualify without even asking me questions. It said a 10 minute survey would earn you $1.36 which is quite good but I don’t know if I’ll bother trying with this one. You don’t earn anything for not qualifying and so far I have earned a big fat zero.

Online survey bureau

It looks like the surveys for this one only earn you entries to win cash. Not keen. Next.

Mint surveys

Sounds good in theory but not one survey opportunity has been emailed to me. I logged in and I have 20 points from registration surveys and need 100 points for a $10 gift card. I’ll respond to emails if I get them but otherwise this one seems inactive.


I couldn’t even login. Probably where my recent explosion in email and text message scammers came from.

Rewards Central

This site does not seem user friendly or professional, very gimmicky with too much going on and no surveys. Another points system, I somehow earnt 431 but am not going to bother with this one either. You need 1110 for $10 but I won’t waste any more time on it. Also it looks like points expire if not redeemed in a month.

Didn’t get anywhere with this one because when I clicked on the registration link in my email my virus protection said I would get scammed, skimmed and an STD if I proceeded any further.

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Babes and Picnics Perth – Find your tribe, love them hard

When you’re pregnant you get lots of advice, some bad, some good, some pointless. I was told by a GP at the hospital when I was pregnant with Will that I shouldn’t listen to advice from anyone over 40, the next hospital appointment I had a midwife that probably delivered Jesus. It can be so confusing in the hospital when you see so many different professionals, each with their own conflicting opinions. If you are pregnant then please, please whatever you do, find your tribe.

Maybe you’re lucky and all your friends are having babies at the same time so you already have a tribe but maybe all your friends are at work while you’re at home wondering if there’s any point in showering today. Unfortunately all my friends and family live at least 45 minutes away so I was one of those new mum’s at home alone wondering what now?

Luckily last year I was allocated a mothers group through my child health nurse and boy did I score. We got a small group of six and everyone is a legend. If you are offered a mothers group then go, even if you are half an hour late because your baby shat on you at the front door, just get there. I was sad to hear that not everyone is invited to join a mothers group and if you’re a second or third time mum you might even be rejected from a new mother’s group. Maybe you joined a mothers group and you just don’t vibe with them. Maybe your baby is advanced or behind and it makes you feel isolated, if so then look for your tribe elsewhere.

I initially saw Instagram as a way of promoting my blog but instead I found a community of mum’s supporting and encouraging each other. If you want to find your tribe through Instagram I would suggest two way

Hashtags: Searching the hashtag age bracket for your child #ninemonths or #9months is one way, or searching the area you live in #perthmum #perthmums.

Follow Babes & Picnics: Babes & Picnics is a group on Instagram founded by Lucia De Mello. Lu has brought together mum’s from all around Australia by arranging picnic meet ups. I am the ambassador for Babes and Picnics Perth (South picnics) and I love meeting new mama’s to chat with each month.

You can also join Babes and Picnics Perth on Facebook 

Babes and Picnics Perth


Those Third Trimester Feels

It seems appropriate that I title this blog with a failed attempt at alliteration because that’s as good as this post is going to get. I hit 27 weeks yesterday and I’m so fatigued, I could have sworn I was working in a rice paddy yesterday with a toddler strapped to my back. Actually that’s right, I took Will to the park. Same same.

I woke up this morning feeling like I hadn’t slept at all. Current situation is a combination of nausea and grogginess. Does morning sickness come back in the third trimester?? I don’t remember being this tired when I was pregnant with Will but then again I did swan around like a Real Housewife resting and getting reflexology. The audacity. 

Oh and before anyone suggests it could be my iron levels, I’ve been anemic since 1942 and have shares in Ferrograd C. This fatigue is a whole new level! I read this morning that I have 90 days to go which feels like forever, I planned a wedding in less time.